What prompted Elizabeth Parrish to set up BioViva?

04 July 2018

2013 was a difficult year for Elizabeth Parrish. Upon finding out that her son had type 1 diabetes. A condition with dangerous continuations of fluctuating blood sugar levels. Which can cause comas, and even death. And to make matters worse, Elizabeth reports medical professionals as being defiant. Emphasising that her son should ‘count himself lucky’ that he does not suffer a life limiting illness. Thanks to having a manageable condition.

Unfortunately the scientific communities attitude is largely conservative and ethics are more commonly favoured over scientific advancement. However, is this not un-ethical in its self? When millions of people are dying because they do not have access to appropriate treatment?

This is what drove Elizabeth to begin searching journals and academic conferences in view of potentially discovering a cure for her son’s illness. Finally, a breakthrough emerged in Cambridge where Elizabeth attended a conference on anti-ageing. Surely other conditions could be unlocked if the complexities of ageing could be solved?

BioViva was born. A company utilising gene therapy research for the treatment and reversing of conditions that cause ageing and premature death.

What were the key results of Elizabeths experiment?

After treatment, Elizabeth noted leaner thigh muscles, reduced blood sugar, decreased triglyceride levels and reduced inflammation markers. The approach is currently being trialled with individuals with alzheimers and cancer. It may soon be even available to those with kidney and liver failure, and parkinsons. If you are interested in reading the whole article, it can be accessed here.