02 August 2018

Recently, an article was published on the website Outside publicising Liz Parrish, founder of BioViva, a company focused on health and longevity. BioViva believes that it is on the edge of producing significantly longer lifespans for the human race using gene therapy to reverse aging. 

 Longevity research studies conducted in animals highlighted the impressive impact of gene therapies by improving their health and longevity. Buoyed by these and other studies in 2015 Liz Parrish volunteered to become the first human to take dual gene therapies to treat aging as a disease. This experiment cost of over $1.5 Million and required Liz and her medical team to travel to Columbia to perform the procedure. The protocol required Liz to undergo over 100 injections into her thighs, triceps, buttocks and face, in the quest to find out whether animal research could translate into human longevity, and potential cures for diseases experienced by children. 

 Liz states that “ignoring an issue that is likely to result in prolonged suffering for the elderly, and early death for children suffering from diseases, and leaving it to the next generation, is not right”. Admitting that she has done it for her family and millions of other families, she goes on to say that she is “proud to help potentially millions of people, even if there are some negative consequences for herself”. Subsequently, the testing was successful, demonstrating an increase in telomere length of 9% being equivalent to reversing 20 years of aging.  

 Liz’s company, BioViva USA and UK, has now grown into a biomedical data-analytics company, ‘BioViva’, priding itself on collecting and analysing data from clinical trials, and provided cutting edge gene and cell therapies with the help of its partner Integrated Health Systems. With the future aim of making gene therapy affordable for everyday people. Excitingly, a new partnership is being formed with a Hong Kong company specialising in artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and analyse novel marker of aging related damage in humans 

 “Her work should be praised highly, especially for a procedure with such a chequered and long history. She avoids ethical issues by using herself as a test subject instead of other individuals” states Michael Fossell, telomere advocate and physician who has published several books and also runs a biotech company aiming to eliminate Alzheimer’s. 

“Liz Parrish is able to not only successfully explain how the treatment works, but also explains why it is useful. Liz Parrish is able to combine scientific concepts along with motivation as to why it is beneficial. And she seems to do this better than anybody else.” states Aubrey de Grey